Watermelon comes from Central Africa, where there are still wild varieties. With its durable skin it can grow in areas where other foods high in water (such as tomato, strawberry and celery) cannot survive. In Egypt, for over 5000 years, farmers have offered watermelon to thirsty travelers because it consists of more than 90% water. Cultivated in all tropical regions of the globe, watermelon is also found in home gardens in colder climates. Its weight can vary from 1 kg to more than 10 kg. The main producing countries are China, Turkey, Morocco, the United States and Spain.

Coeur de Gamme:


Production Zones:

Spain: Almeria, Valencia, Campo de Cartagena & La Mancha

Sweet and juicy, watermelon can be found at LACOUR in black, striped and mini, with or without seeds, Picolino or not, from May to September.