Tomato & Vine Tomato

The tomato was discovered in 1519 by Hernán Cortés in the Gulf of Mexico. Consumed long ago by the Aztecs, at that time they were found growing wild. The name also comes from South America, and was brought back by the conquistadors at the same time as the fruit itself. First considered poisonous, tomatoes served as an ornamental plant before being considered an edible fruit. Tomatoes were grown and consumed by the Spaniards and the Italians 400 years ago. With more than 100 million tons produced each year, the tomato is now the second most consumed vegetable in the world after the potato. Round cluster tomatoes are a type of tomato that have been harvested so as to collect a cluster of 6-7 fruits that ripen at the same time. Compared to other types of tomatoes, round cluster tomatoes are very fragrant and have the advantage of guaranteeing consumers a real freshness. The main producing countries are China, the United State, Turkey, Spain and Morocco.

Coeur de Gamme:


Zones de Production:

Morocco: Agadir
Spain: Almeria & Mazarron

Portugal: Torres Vedra & Odemira

Tunisia: Gabés

From Spain, Morocco, Tunisia or Portugal, on the vine, in bulk, on a tray, or in a net bag, round, elongated, ribbed, green or even black, LACOUR’S tomatoes will not fail to surprise you!