Rocha Pear

Originally from Central Asia, pears spread from the Neolithic period throughout western Europe. (Pear seeds were also found at many prehistoric sites.)  Cultivation itself appears to have begun in China more than 4000 years before our era. Rocha pear is a variety from Portugal, especially the region of Sintra. This variety is named after the owner of the farm where these famous pears grow naturally, now aged 176 years and the origin of the latter. This particular variety differs from other pears due to its sweet taste, low acidity and flavor, and especially because of its long conservation time. Portugal is the largest producer of this variety.

Coeur de Gamme:


Production Zones:

Portugal: Bombarral, Cadaval & Torres Vedras
Spain: Alt Emporda

With modern techniques of conservation LACOUR can guarantee an 11 month   rocha pear season.