The persimmon is the fruit of the tree called persimmon or “kaki no ki” in Japanese. Native to eastern China, it is the national fruit of Japan and Korea, where it has been widely cultivated and consumed for more than 1000 years. It is only in the nineteenth century that Europe came to know this fruit. Characterized by its richness in vitamin A, which promotes healing of the skin, it is a fruit perfect for autumn vitality. There are more than 2800 varieties today, but it is the kaki variety of persimmon that stands out with its flesh firm and crisp. It is only since the 90s that this fruit has been acclimatized on European soil by Spanish farmers who also called it “Rojo Brillante”. The vast majority of the world’s persimmons are sourced from China, followed by Korea and Japan.

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Spain: La Ribera

LACOUR covers the entire brief, but intense, Spanish persimmon season from September to January.