The cucumber first appeared in the Himalayas nearly 4000 years ago. This vegetable has has followed an amazing course, from Asia to the West Indies and the northern countries; it is even mentioned in the Bible by the Hebrews. In France, the cucumber didn’t appear until the time of Charlemagne. As for the U.S., they discovered it in 1494 through Christopher Columbus’s expeditions. However, it was not until the seventeenth century that it became really popular. At the time, it was grown in the gardens at Versailles for making excellent soups that appealed to King Louis XIV. The main producing countries are China, Iran, the United States, Mexico and Spain.

Coeur de Gamme:


Production Zones:

Morocco: Agadir
Espagne: Almeria

Naked, encased in cellophane, sold by the kilogram or package, LACOUR Spanish or Moroccan cucumber is available almost all year round.