Bell Pepper

Slightly spicy or sweet, red, yellow or green, and in forms more or less rounded, pepper is native to Central America. It was introduced in Europe in the sixteenth century, along with another pepper belonging to the same family. In addition to being high in fiber and low in calories, this pepper is remarkably rich in vitamin C, which is why its use is strongly recommended. A Hungarian researcher in discovered the high vitamin content in 1932. Once the isolated molecule was turned into powder, it was used to cure scurvy, a scourge of the past. The main producing countries are China, Mexico and Spain.

Coeur de Gamme:


Production Zones:

Morocco: Agadir, Kenitra
Spain: Almeria, Campo de Cartagena

Red, green, yellow, mixed, elongated (clovis) or round (california wonder), corno blanco, rad capia and horn beouf, sold in bulk, molded carton tray, or mesh bag. From Spain or Morocco, LACOUR’s peppers are present throughout the year.