Native to North Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia. This thistle plant, which was improved by the Arabs, was brought from Naples to Florence in 1466 by Filippo Strozzi.  Traditionally, the introduction of artichokes to France was attributed to Catherine de Medici, who was known to be fond of them.  The Florentine Medici brought the plant with her from Italy when she married the future king of France, Henry II.  In addition to being a delicious vegetable, it has a wide range of health benefits, such as significantly lowering cholesterol. The current main producing countries are Italy, Spain, Egypt and Peru. “The artichoke is truly a dish for the poor. It’s the only dish that when you’re finished eating there is more on your plate than when you started!” Coluche (French comedian)

Coeur de Gamme:


Zones de Production:

Spain: Campo de Cartagena

This vegetable, in addition to being delicious has great health benefits by being  effective in fighting cholesterol. The main producer conuntries are Italy, Spain, Egypt and Peru