Aledo Grape

The discovery of grape seed in a number of prehistoric sites clearly indicates that the fruit of the vine already existed in the Neolithic period. It is very difficult to date the onset of the first vine varieties cultivated. But the consistency of the data, legends and myths can at least give us a general idea: it is the current territories of the republics of Georgia and Armenia that seem to have been the cradle of viticulture. Its spread by the Greeks and Romans is well known. Grape the fruit is grown in most areas of the planet, the culture of the vine in the world today occupies an area of ​​about 10 million hectares, or double that of the previous century . Aledo grape is a white variety from Spain. Its grain is elongated, large and has thick skin. Its very good conservation qualities has greatly contributed to its success. Consumption ranges from October to January, which led to it being traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. The only producer in the world is Spain.

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Spain: Vinalopó

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