Our History

The birth of a great company.

The story of LACOUR S.A.S begins in 1945 when René Lacour creates his own company importing and exporting fresh produce to and from Perpignan, France.

From the start, René wants to offer his clients the best local seasonal products. Because of his entrepreuneurial and visionary nature, he knows the future of the company will include expanding into the Roussillon plain and the Pyrennees Mountains. To offer a wider range of products all year round, he crosses the borders.

A growing company.

In 1976, assisted by his son Thierry, Rene launched new productions in the Mediterranean region and multiplied the distribution networks. In 2000, in the face of ever greater demand, Thierry decided to join forces and brought in Antonio Abad Morales as a partner. New jobs are continually created as the company responds to this permanent challenge.

The key to success.

By means of hard work, perseverance and ambition, this small family business has been transformed into an international organization for the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. At present, LACOUR S.A.S is the 3rd largest producer, importer and exporter of fruits and vegetables in the region by always following the same policy: love of quality and service. It is a culture of excellence that is regularly rewarded by obtaining numerous certifications points of honor and pride for the entire LACOUR S.A.S. team.

Who We Are

A place of prime importance in the market.

Our know-how has been built upon year after year making LACOUR S.A.S a key player in the heart of the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Painstaking work.

LACOUR S.A.S, fruit and vegetable wholesaler (link home page), master of production processes with more than 70 years of experience, supervised by a trusted team that works hand in hand with passionate farmers.  The result of this collaboration is exceptional, with great productions of fruits and vegetables always conditioned and served with the greatest care.  Each year, more than 100,000 tons of fruit and vegetables are produced in France and in our partner countries, Spain, Italy, Argentina, Portugal and Morocco.

LACOUR S.A.S puts its produce at your disposal as quickly as possible.  Delivery in 24 hours to a perimeter of 1300 kilometers from our platform at St Charles in Perpignan. With our six major brands, Picolino, Sirwa, Gustave Legout, P’tit Léon, Alternea and Picolino Bio, you are sure to find the quality of fruits and vegetables that suits you perfectly.

One code of conduct.

Our company is a human structure that advocates moral and ethical values. It makes no concessions regarding the protection of the environment and the distribution of responsible products (link our commitments).  LACOUR S.A.S expects its service to be irreproachable, il est sincère et de proximité et c’est ce qui lui vaut son succès.

Our Commitments


We ensure quality control and the safety of our fruits and vegetables by using constant technical surveillance that is continuously improved. We adapt the product to the specific needs of our clients.


Our core value is respect for our employees, suppliers, customers and all our partners. We are a signatory of the Global Compact of the United Nations and support the principles of the International Labour Organization.


We are constantly innovating and providing our customers with products grown according to the principles of sustainable agriculture. We are improving our production techniques each year, and favor methods such as Integrated Pest Management (IPM), for example, by using beneficial insects to fight against pests. For the best care of our products, we adopt the most suitable techniques for storage, transport and packaging.

Ultimate Goal

Our ultimate goal is the satisfaction of our clients, we constantly strive to improve the excellence of our products and our services.

Sustainable Development

The environment is precious, and we are committed to preserving it. We have conducted a review to assess our carbon emissions, greenhouse gas emissions and energy balance of the company to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of our facilities in terms of energy consumption. We have also created a brand, Alternea, which ensures that fruits and vegetables are grown according to the principles of sustainable development, respecting the environment and human kind. Our commitments are reflected in the implementation of improvement plans through concrete actions that are evaluated each season and controlled by an independent organization).

Our Certifications

1998: ISO 9001. In order to guarantee our customers the best service, we have early ISO certification which has enabled us to ensure our goals of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. We monitor, analyze and react to achieve excellence or “zero fault”

2011: IFS logistics. Strengthens our process expertise in the areas of hygiene and food safety (including our HACCP *). We have established a set of preventive measures and controls to ensure the safety of consumers. In addition, we signed an agreement with the quality of self DIRECCTE ** and *** CTIFL.

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
**Direction Régionale des Entreprises, de la Concurrence, de la Consommation, du Travail et de l’Emploi
***Centre Technique Interprofessionnel des Fruits et Légumes